on adventure

At the beginning of each new year, instead of making new year’s resolutions, I pick a word. This word will be my ‘theme’ for the year that lies ahead. I will remind myself of this word at decisive moments, whenever I experience a lack in sense of direction, feel bored and without ambition, or have to call an important life decision.

So (you will see this one coming) the word I’ve decided to roll with this year is ‘adventure’. They say that the world’s most creative people are the ones who dare take risks, who have the courage to step out of their comfort-zone and leave conventional ways behind them in order to find new ones. Well, there’s a challenge.

That’s what I wanna try to do during this trip. These coming months will be about diving into the unknown, exploring the uncharted, walking mind-maps that I haven’t walked before caused by conversations to people I haven’t talked to before, hopefully inviting to take a fresh perspective on things. ‘Mañana mañana’, as the Spanish famously proclaim, shall be my device and – perhaps more importantly – what stems from that: ‘today today’. I am looking forward to see what it does to me to unleash the established social ties and the securities of having a steady job and a house for a while and having to rely instead on what are the basics of being human. I want to know what it is like to not have a detailed plan, but to live by the day – and seize it. I am here, I am now, life is happening.

In etymology the word adventure means ‘things to come, to arrive’. Through the ages it has received the connotation of taking the jump into the unknown – often with a successful outcome. Now let’s hope that also counts for me (but I guess that we’ll know in a couple of months, when it shows whether I’ve made it back alive or not…).


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