travel chart so far

Since the original plan of doing a couple of ‘workaways’ (work in return for a place to stay, food sometimes included) did not quite work out as planned (my ‘walking the dogs’ job in Bogotá turned out to involve a semi-criminal practices, a motor gang network and a webcam studio, and the other two places where I would stay long-term canceled quite last-minute), I figured I might as well go with it and make it one big fat (budget) holiday and enjoy. So not a lot of the original ‘slow’, but sure a whole lot of travel. A quick overview of the distances I’ve crossed so far (all by bus!):

  1. Hung with a crew of very opiniated people, had my first encounter with Latin American dancing, and cycled around the city in Bogotá.
  2. Wildlife, excruciating heat, Colombian hospitality – an unforgettable time in Mompox.
  3. Spent my birthday in Valledupar and then got out as quickly as I could (no good vibes).
  4. Hippies at the beach and gringos around the pool. Casually chatting with indiginous people. An opinionated piece on my mixed feelings about Palomino coming up soon.
  5. Sleeping in a hammock, waking up with pilates and dancing on the riverside, to dip in skinny afterwards. Spotted a monkey after breakfast. A night in hostel ‘El Río’ on the side of Buritaca.
  6. Slept on the beach and watched the sunrise along the way to Santa Marta.
  7. I danced nights long of cumbia and fell in love during the carnaval in Barranquilla.
  8. Dropped my phone off the city wall of Cartagena.
  9. Landed in Medellín where I’ll be working and staying in a guesthouse for a month.

Pictures soon!


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