how to know you´ve been in a country long enough

I am writing this as I am crossing the southern border of Colombia into Ecuador, and I must say it hurts a little to leave Colombia behind me. At the same time, it was absolutely high time to go. I’d say that here’s how to know you´ve been in Colombia long enough:

  • When you have arepas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner;
  • When you use the bin to throw out your used toilet paper without having to think about it even for a second;
  • When you start cursing in Spanish (and with way too many words);
  • When you no longer risk your life assuming priority at pedestrian crossings (zebras) – cars won´t stop, not even when you´re halfway crossing the street;
  • When you cross a red light in front of a police officer without being worried about it;
  • When you start to recognise how to dance to dance to a certain song (salsa? cumbia? rrrrrrumbaaa?);
  • When you start putting aguardiente (distilled drink made from panela, that is cane sugar) in your tea (and with ´tea´ I mean aguapanela caliente con limón, of course) and you find it completely normal to serve yourself a block of cheese with it.

I will probably be back in this beautiful country for a while by the end of my trip, but for now it’s time for new things. Let the exploring of Ecuadorian particularities begin!

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