project Good Ol’ Ollie – lucky accidents

The most exciting thing about analogue photography is that things sometimes work out slightly (and sometimes very) different than you had imagined. That is the risky part of shooting analogue and not being able to look at your photos to see if you got it right, but it is also where the magic happens. ‘Lucky accidents’, I like to call them snaps that don’t turn out exactly as you had planned but have a poetry of their own. Film roll no. III in my personal photo challenge (the Good Ol’ Ollie project), happened to have a couple of those. The pthoto above is without a doubt my luckiest.

I count this as a lucky shot as for me, it summarizes exactly the feeling that I have while travelling. The image rushes into the unknown – snow-capped peaks, blue skies, wild forests – and yet at the same time already seems to be a memory. The memory of the places you passed by are never quite as defined as the actual moment once was – it is blurrier, lighter, subject to fading. But it has not lost the essence of the feeling that you had being there, in that moment. You stuck your head out of the window and looked at the untameable mountains, felt the wind blowing through your hair, the sun on your face. You felt freedom, you felt wanderlust.


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