project Good Ol´Ollie (part IV) – ruins and dogs

There’s times in life when planning turns out to be fatal. And so this time. A week or three ago, I finally decided to make room on my phone and cut- pasted all my photos to a different SD-card. Parties, friends, crazy haircuts, silly selfies, ex-lovers, delicious food, beautiful places I had visited. In short, all my happy memories from the last three years on a chip. And then a couple of days ago I sat down in an internet café in order to work on my analogues, and forgot to unplug my SD-card when I left.

By the time I realised that my card was missing, already a day had passed. I ran to the shop immediately, but it was too late – someone had already taken my USB-stick containing the card and… three years of my personal timeline. I really do hope that that someone had a good laugh out there swiping his way through my history, and then deleted it all. I don’t even want to think about finding my whole personal life up in digital space one day beacause someone thought that was funny (but surely no one would, right?).

You may wonder why I am telling you this story. Well, the bottom line of this rather long introduction is that the analogues from my fourth film were on the same SD-card, and I didn’t get them in print. I had backed up some of them however, so the ones on show here are the ones surviving. What’s left of film no. IV are ruins, dogs and art – exactly the things that I happen to like in life. So as long as I haven’t encountered any images of myself circling out there on the web without my consent, there’s worse things. (Besides, I guess it was about time I had some bad luck, because I have been ridiculously lucky on this trip so far.) Lesson learned – don’t put your entire personal life on a stick if there’s any chance losing it.

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  1. omg this is like my nightmare come true, you’re handling it with so much maturity!! At least you still have quite a lot of analog photos from film no. IV.. I guess you’re sadder about losing all the other photos from the last three years rather than not having all analog photos? Or is it something you can’t compare?


    1. Exactly 😉 But so far so good – haven’t seen any trace of my face online yet, haha. Besides, there’s nothing I can do about it, so I try to take it as a reminder that I should cherish all of those memories in my head instead of on screen 🙂

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