digging the archives – 22 analogue favourites

As I was digging in my archives, I realised that I had shot quite a collection of analogues in the meantime. Most of them are taken with my Olympus Trip 35, an analogue camera dating back from the early 70’s that used to belong to my grandfather. But I remember that I used to buy disposables every once in a while already before Ollie was being handed down to me from higher spheres. These disposables used to give me a sense of liberty, the ephemerity of them was somehow inspiring and allowed me more photographic freedom. I used these cameras as a way to have time off from the more ‘serious’ photography that I practised with my Nikon. I had more ‘fun’ with them.

For a while, I had a project on Facebook in which I would post one picture a day, collected under the name ‘Split Second Splendour’. It could be any type of photo really, digital or analogue, about any topic or place in the world. It was a lot of fun selecting the photos and creating weekly themes and mini-stories at the time. While I was flipping through my Facebook folder the other day, I was reminded of the fun I had shooting all these photos. Magic moments unfolding before my lense that that I was lucky enough to capture. And then there’s my personal weak spot for analogues. My heart just makes a little jump whenever I look at one. And so I decided to share some of my personal favourites here, in the hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do/did.

1# it’s got that berlin soul

2# hello

3# calling to say you’re not coming home

4# strumming my pain

5# sunday morning

6# air lines

7# promises promises

8# circle of life

9# stairway to heaven

10# summer summary

11# the randomness of things

12# dogs and bottles

13# that day we went to the beach and felt so happy

14# i wish those days

15# hold my memories bougeainvillea

16# story of my life

17# flowers over gas

18# traverse

19# tribute to edward ruscha

20# time present time past

21# miss colombia

22# dust

There is a story behind all of these photos – I guess part of why I like them is the sense of nostalgia that I get from watching them. Please share/drop me a line if you wish to know more about any of them, or if you’d simply like to respond. I would love to know what feelings or memories they generate for other people (sharing’s caring!).


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