On Peru without Machu Picchu

Canyon de Colca
Hiking to Salineras

My itinerary included a boat-ride down the Amazonas, stunning waterfalls in the northern selva, drinking home-brewed liquor in a clandestine café in Cajamarca, more than a fair share of moutain-beauty in Huaraz, an inspiring three weeks in Cusco, the city of the Incas, and hiking in a canyon full of condors, waking up in an oasis to the most incredible landscape that I have ever seen. I look back at the things that I did do, the experiences I did have, and the people that I did meet and I feel nothing but gratefulness. And amidst all of this amazingness, I got to write, which is perhaps even more than seeing all those wonderful things (even though it is not necessarily going anywhere). I got to write because I had the time and the peace of mind to do so. I could continue writing because there was no rush, no thousands of boxes to tick, no packing my bags all the time in order to be off onto the next best thing.”


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