split-second splendour

Photo credits: Frederieke von Bergmann-korn

Eversince I came back from another 5-month trip a while ago, I have been feeling a bit clueless with regard to what to do with all the experiences that I have accumulated over the past two years travelling. Sure, I have been documenting bits of my trip here by writing about it, but I felt that writing wasn’t enough to really share what I had been seeing and living. In such cases, an image can sometimes speak more than a thousand words. But even though I had been posting some photos here and had been sending occasional shots to my closest friends and family, they seemed to full short as well. There was just no way to fully grasp what it had truly been like. That feeling probably has to do with the fact that an ‘experience’ is made up of so much more than mere sound, word, or image. It is the combination between all of them. And experience is not singular nor merely present, it is an accumulation of all the past and present events taken altogether that define your perception of reality.

I realised that my blog was lacking a space where I could share my experiences in a more poetic and experimental way than in mere word or image. And then I remembered a project that I had launched two years ago on my personal Facebook-page. In a folder titled ‘split-second splendour’ I uploaded a photo a day. The idea was to find a destination for the hundreds and thousands photos that I had taken over the years and that were floating around in the digital space of my hard drive, forever lost in forgetfulness – unless I would give them a purpose. It seemed to me a waste of all the beautiful things and places that had opened up in front of the lense(s) of my camera(s) at one particular moment in time, a negligence of the marked faces of the beautiful individuals willingly posing for it, summarizing many a wonderful encounter. It seemed ungrateful towards the universe that had generously handed all these wonderful experiences to me on a silver plate. And now, again, I found myself in the same situation.

And so I thought: what if I could combine forces of image and word in a way that does justice to these experiences? Under the header ‘split-second splendour‘, I will be putting together image and word in a playful and non-sensical way. It will be an organic, evergrowing archive of impressions. There is no thematic, geographic or chronological order, because well, experience doesn’t come about in any logical way – it is always a composition of numerous impressions knitted together in an untraceable framework of thought and emotion. I am hoping to present bits and pieces from around the world in such a way that the things that once unraveled themselves in front of my camera will come alive in the imagination of the reader/viewer too, without any fixed outcome. I am bringing you moments captured at a certain place at a certain time, transferred to a different place and point in time the moment that you, the reader, lays eyes on them (I mean it’s interesting, when you think about it). In other words, the idea is that the person viewing them may make these images his or hers, adding his or her personal history and perspective to it, creating new meaning, so that it becomes a joint experience (which is always endlessly more valuable than any singular viewpoint).

In the hope that you will feel as lucky to be alive as I felt the second that my camera made that wonderful clicking sound.

– Lau

(Credits photo above: Friederieke von Bergmann-korn)

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