”Poco a poco, se anda lejos.” – Spanish saying

Hey, I’m Lau. Thanks for visiting my blog. A wee note here, so you’ll know what you can more or less expect from this yet another blog (because let’s face it, that’s just what it is).

About a year ago, my dream of travelling to and through a part of Latin America finally came true. The earliest stories and photos that you’ll find on this website are mostly a record of that trip. For almost five months, I travelled a big part of Colombia and Ecuador. But those five months didn’t still my hunger, nooo. I wanted more! So I’m back on the road, wandering, always wondering, never bored.

During my last trip, I discovered the pleasure of moving slowly. My goal was not so much to travel, as to just be in a different place in the world for a while. I din’t tick all the boxes on the typical backpacker initerary, by far haven’t seen all the highlights. But I had a good time, and it was really satisfying to try to talk to the local people while not feeling rushed or pressured by all the must-do’s and must-see’s. In the meantime, I’ve been trying to incorporate the Spanish saying ‘poco a poco’ (which means ‘bit by bit’) into my daily life as one of its leading principles. I don’t want to rush with anything I do. I don’t want to always want more. I simply want to enjoy what is there, here and now, embracing life as it comes and living it fully.

What you’ll find on this blog is therefore a wide array of different sorts of information – not only recommendations for travel, thoughts and observations about the places that I pass by, and some lucky snapshots made along the way, but also the necessary amount of bad ideas, poems, some of my favourite recipes, or anything else really that at some point might have given a splash of colour to my day. To organise things a bit, I have divided its content into two categories. Within the category ‘travel info’, you will find posts and articles of a more informational and practical nature surrounding my whereabouts (travel recommendations, photos, etc.). ‘Homo viator’ (the ‘travelling human’) is glued together by posts that are more of an internalisation of the things that I see and live during my travels and daily life. After all, life is one big journey. This second category is my more creative and experimental space – consider it something like an atelier.

So long, my friends. Have a look around and enjoy, and don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you’d like. In the meantime, I’ll be out there somewhere. Wandering.